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Home Restoration: Precautions when working with solvents

There is no doubt that home restoration means, in most occasions, perform a paint job in place, and this means working with solvents (when using oil paint) and this kind of substances require careful handling in order to avoid accidents, fire and other hazards.

The number one rule when working with solvents is to do it with the most ventilation you can have in the room, either by opening all doors and windows or having ventilators installed, this is critical because most solvents produce fumes that can result in loss of consciousness and even death if not tended quickly.

We have to remember that we use solvents either to clean, remove paint and other uses that differ from thinning paint, and that’s why we need to be careful with this substances, also, you need to dispose carefully of any and all pieces of cloth and/or wipe you use to handle this substances.

Also remember, all solvents are flammable, therefore you need to make sure that there are no flames or anything at all that could generate a flame in the vicinity of the area where you are working on with this substances, also, bear in mind that either you or the people working with/for you will be handling them and they will be at extreme risk if flames get near.

This also means to keep anything that could generate a spark, like electrical connections, non-isolated cables, and so on and so forth, remember, solvents are liquids, and if any liquid gets in contact with electricity, a short circuit and sparking WILL occur, and in this case, being the liquid a flammable substance you do not only have the risk of fire but also of an explosion due to the fumes that might be around.

Remember, when you work with solvents you work with very delicate and dangerous substances and you need to be extremely careful. Home restoration can look like an easy job, and it is, but in situations like this, no measure is small enough to prevent a disaster.

And as usual don’t forget to have a professional at hand to help you with any questions you may have.

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