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Paint Job: Taking care of your brushes after a job

Our tools are the omnipresent items that accompany us to all and any paint job we undertake, we are talking about our brushes, buckets, paint guns and so on and so forth, and of course, all of them help us achieve the results we look for when we do our job.

This means we need to take care of them after each job to ensure their durability and keep us from needing to buy new ones in less time than it should be. That’s why we want to share with you a few tips and procedures you can and have to use after each job to ensure your tools are always ready for the job.

When using water-based paint: Once the job is done you need to wash all your brushes and rollers thoroughly, make sure no paint is left on them, this is very important because if any paint is left on the brushes it will dry on and harden the hair on it.

If this happens don’t panic. You’ll need to put the brush in water for a while until the paint dissolves and you can remove it. This will render the brush usable again but it will take a toll in it. So we strongly advise you to make sure they are 100% clean before you put them away.

This also applies when you change from color to color, as any residue of paint in a brush can result in an undesired mix of colors.

When using oil-based paint: This is a more complex and careful process and oil paint is more complicated to clean up than water-based. Here for a start you need to leave your brushes in a can submerged in thinner.

This is necessary because the only way to remove oil paint from a brush is to completely dissolve it.

Make sure that the container in which you leave the brushes is in a ventilated area because there will be fumes coming out of it, also make sure it is not near any source of flammes, thinner is a very flammable substance as we have mentioned before.

And as we usually recommend, always have a professional at hand that can help you in any and all paint job and jobs you decide to undertake.

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