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Paint Job: The high cost of choosing a low quality brush

There is no doubt that a paint job is a task that can become costly if you are not careful with all the variables that can increase your costs, and one of them, without a doubt, is the cost associated with consumables, meaning, paint, brushes and so on. And that is today’s topic.

Brushes are the most common items to apply paint to most surfaces, ergo they are the first thing you buy after the paint you intend to use, now, you need to be very careful here as you don’t want to keep buying brush after brush after brush.

The main cause for damaged brushes is their quality and not the surface in which you use it, as many have come to believe, technically, you should be able to use most brushes in wood, concrete, rugged walls, and so on and so forth and they should be able to withstand the job without falling part.

Before you buy, you should talk with professionals so they can tell you what brand is the one they prefer, it is most likely that you will find yourself with a couple of brands if you talk with several people and that will give you the first idea of what to choose, in the store you need to ask the representative about the quality of the brushes and make a better decision.

Try the brush, pass it on your hand and see how firm the hair is, a brush with loose hair will probably fall apart during use, also see how that part of the brush is connected to the handle, if it is only glued then don’t buy it. It will fall apart for sure.

Also, buy both a wide brush and a narrow one, the first one will help you cover more space in less time, while the other will be better for corners and for tight areas. And don’t forget, you need to prepare your paint accordingly so you can cover in just one pass of the brush (some surfaces might require two but they are the exception to the rule).

And remember, as it happens with all and any paint job that you undertake, always have a professional at hand so you can be sure that everything goes and ends well.


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