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Paint Job: Correctly adding varnish to wood pieces

Sometimes a paint job can also refer to fixing and renewing wood pieces like furniture and/or bookshelves and other wood based pieces. In most cases paint is not the best way to go, instead, we choose to use varnish to give a better and fine look. And that is today’s topic.

First and foremost we need to know that while you can apply varnish as it comes, it is strongly recommended that you thin it a bit so it is easy to apply and you can cover more space with less varnish. To thin it you will need a chemical solvent. As we mentioned in a previous article you need to make sure you do this in a ventilated spot as the fumes can be extremely hazardous.

Once you have your varnish ready, you need to get the piece ready. The first step is to remove all and any dirt present on the wood, remove all particles, use a clean brush and then a soft clean cloth, this is very important because if you don’t have a clean surface you will apply varnish over particles present on the wood which will later fall resulting in non-varnished spots.

Now that you have the piece ready you can proceed to add your varnish, do it slowly and gently, to the same side always, make sure you cover all the surface evenly. Now you need to let it dry in a ventilated area for about three hours.

While you can leave it as it is now, we strongly recommend you add one more layer of varnish to ensure a better result, As you did before, apply slow and gently and always to the same site, this is to make sure you cover evenly and don’t leave any patterns on the wood.

Like before you need to let it dry for about three hours and it will be ready.

Once you finish don’t forget to clean all brushes with thinner to avoid varnish to dry on them and render them unusable.

Always remember, have a professional at hand to help you with any questions you might have in order to get the best results in all and any paint job you undertake.

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