Mill City Restoration

September 21, 2016

Home Restoration: Replacing Windows

home restoration

If there is a task that has a lot of complications when we talk about home restoration that is, without a doubt, replacing windows. This might sound strange as technically you should only need to take out the previous one or whatever is left of it and place a new one from the store. Well, it is never that simple. ... Continue reading

September 19, 2016

Home Restoration: How long does it take?

home restoration

When you tackle a home restoration project you will inevitably find yourself either asking or being asked the inevitable “How long will it take” well, the answer to this question is quite complex and depends on many factors. We will try to give you some ideas now. The first factor to take into consideration is if the work involves demolishing ... Continue reading

September 16, 2016

Paint Jobs: One coat or two coats?

paint jobs

When you tackle one or various paint jobs, regardless of the type you find yourself asking the same question over and over again: do I apply one coat or two coats of paint? Well, today we will try to answer that question. First, there are many factors to take into consideration, the first one is the kind of surface you ... Continue reading

September 15, 2016

Paint Jobs: Do the spray guns sold on tv work that good?

paint jobs

In paint jobs we need to use the right tools to guarantee the perfect result. This means (like we wrote last time) choosing the right tools for the job. Now, it is time to talk about spray guns. This kind of paint tool is quite useful because it allows for us to evenly paint literally any kind of surface. Now ... Continue reading

September 13, 2016

Paint Job: The high cost of choosing a low quality brush

paint job

There is no doubt that a paint job is a task that can become costly if you are not careful with all the variables that can increase your costs, and one of them, without a doubt, is the cost associated with consumables, meaning, paint, brushes and so on. And that is today’s topic. Brushes are the most common items to ... Continue reading

September 10, 2016

Home Restoration: Selecting the right cable for the right job

home restoration

In home restoration you will undoubtedly find yourself in need to do electricity work, like installing lamps, wall sockets and so on and so forth. In theory it looks simple, but you need to be aware that each of them has a specific type of wire that you have to use in order to avoid short circuits and severe damage. ... Continue reading

September 08, 2016

Home Restoration: Separating electrical cabling from TV and other cables

home restoration

In today’s world, Home Restoration means a lot of things, and with the current wave of technology hitting us face first, we need to know how to handle the myriad of variables that come along this tech tsunami. In previous articles we talked about the need for doing good cabling especially when it comes to electricity. This keeps the structure ... Continue reading

September 02, 2016

Paint Contractors: Covering up surfaces before painting

paint contractors

You know when Paint Contractors are at work because you will see that anything that is not going to be painted is covered either with plastic or with some piece of cloth. This is not to show off, there is a reason and we will discuss it today. First of all let’s be clear on the fact that painting, no ... Continue reading

September 01, 2016

Paint Contractors:Do you need to remove previous paint applying new paint?

paint contractors

As Paint Contractors we took our job very seriously and we know that it is not just a matter of getting the bucket and the brush and apply paint to a surface and that’s that. You need to be careful and know what you are doing. And one question that is commonly asked is: Do I need to remove a ... Continue reading

August 30, 2016

Paint Contractor: What’s a “sealant”

paint contractor

There is no doubt that any paint contractor has heard this question one time or another, well today we are going to answer it so you can get a better idea of it. This applies mostly to paint jobs that will be subject to elements suchs water, dust and anything that could get the paint off. And most of all, ... Continue reading