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Home Restoration: Working with plumbing

There is no doubt that one of the most critical parts of home restoration comes when you get into the plumbing area of a house, no matter if it is the kitchen, bathroom or any other area, plumbing is very complex and needs to be addressed and worked on very carefully.

When you work with plumbing you need to be aware of certain things that can be the difference between success and a mess (yes, like that), one is how to work the joints, first and foremost make sure you use the right adhesive (an adhesive for PVC pipes won’t work for metal pipes for example) you also need to remember to use teflon in order to prevent leaks.

Measure the distance of your pipes several times and make sure you take into consideration all the points where Tees, couplers, elbows, branches and any other piece, this is critical and you have to be 100% sure before you make any cut. The last thing you want is a bent pipe when making a joint.

Also, make sure the pipes, tees and other joints you use are designed for the water pressure that you intend to use, if you use piping that is not resistant enough it might break upon the pressure and cause a mess all over the place.

When you have everything set and ready you need to go and test the plumbing by, yes, you guessed it, let the water run. Make sure you check all the way so there are no leaks present, specially in the joints. When you tighten a pipe with a pipe wrench don’t over do it or you might break it (specially if it is PVC but it can also happen with steel pipes).

Remember to always consult with home restoration experts like Millcity before you undertake any kind of job.

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