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Home Restoration: Why do we use teflon in plumbing jobs

In our home restoration jobs we have undoubtedly found ourselves before plumbing jobs, from fixing leaks, to complete change of a piping structure, to the installation of bathtubs, showers and so on and so forth. And when you do this kind of jobs there is an element that happens to be the common denominator for them all: teflon tape.

This special tape is critical for any plumbing job you may undertake, it is the difference between a good job and a job with a leak. You see, when you install a shower for example, you need to place one of it and screw it to the pipe where water comes out, if you just screw it you will find that it will stay still and in place. But the minute you open the valve you will definitely see water leaking from where you made the union.

Of course you can’t glue it because there may come a time where you might need to replace and/or upgrade the shower in question and if you glued the screw you will need to cut the pipe, install a new coupler and it will end up being a mess of a job.

That´s why there is teflon tape, this special tape is used for this part of any plumbing job as it will not just help you have a tighter screw but also will become a sealant to keep water from leak when you are finished.

Also it is easy to remove when you need to take off a piece and replace it or upgrade it in any plumbing job.

So now you know, when you tackle on a plumbing situation in your next home restoration project, don’t forget to include teflon tape in your toolbox.

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