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Home Restoration: Things you should know

We can say that home restoration is an art. Because it is. Why? Because it requires knowledge and finesse. And that is todays topic. Know so you can decide when and how to do things.

First, if you are going for a restoration process you need to know if the time is right, meaning, study how old is the property you plan to work on. For example, most buildings and constructions have 50 to 60 year maintenance cycles, so when this time comes,  you know you have to get to work.

Now, there are some things that you need to do is see what kind of mortar was used, this is very critical, you need to be as close as possible with the new mixture as it was originally, if you use mortar that is too hard you are going to do more damage than fixing, so be very very careful there.

Also, do not, read again, DO NOT use sealants. Yes, it might sound crazy but there is a reason for that. The use of sealants can be more damaging as they keep moisture inside which can be disastrous either when ice comes in winter or when excess humidity comes around in spring.

When it comes to masonry you need to understand that if there are damaged parts then you need to replace the whole piece, don´t try to fix it, it can be dangerous.

Keep coming back, we will be bringing you more tips and ideas on home restoration in the days to come.

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