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Home Restoration: Replacing Windows

If there is a task that has a lot of complications when we talk about home restoration that is, without a doubt, replacing windows. This might sound strange as technically you should only need to take out the previous one or whatever is left of it and place a new one from the store.

Well, it is never that simple.  

The first thing to take into consideration is that everything around the window has changed in size because of both humidity and dryness. This is critical because you will find that the window hole is not completely rectangular, circular or squared, depending on the case. This will, in turn, make it impossible to install a new window.

Furthermore, if you, by chance find it possible to install the new window you will find another problem, there will be spaces between the new window frame and the wall that will result in leaks that will let air and water in depending on the case. Yes, you could use sealants but if you need to replace the window at some point you will need to damage the wall to get it off.

So, how to solve the situation, well, first and foremost to try and see if you can rebuild the current window without having to remove it, that way it will not cause you any problems.

Now if the only way is to replace it then you will have to build the new window from the scratch to make it fit, but be aware that it will be a window that will for sure cause trouble midterm.

It is also recommended to consult a professional so he can tell you if it is better to replace just the window or if a full wall down reconstruction is the better way to go.

Don’t forget that in home restoration, a professional at hand is always a good idea and necessity.

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