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Home Restoration: How long does it take?

When you tackle a home restoration project you will inevitably find yourself either asking or being asked the inevitable “How long will it take” well, the answer to this question is quite complex and depends on many factors. We will try to give you some ideas now.

The first factor to take into consideration is if the work involves demolishing and rebuilding. If so, then you need to move to the next factor, how big is the area that will be worked on. This is critical because the bigger the working area, the longer it will take, if we talk about a room or a couple of rooms that require demolishing and rebuilding in most of their space we might be talking about two to three months work.

Also you need to take into consideration the additional jobs that might come after the initial rebuild process, like for example electrical cabling and others that could definitely increase the time it will take to finish the job.

Cabling restorations can also be time consuming as they are more complex than you think,  for instance, changing the electrical wiring of a room does not mean only changing the cabling in that area, it might represent running cable from the room to where the flip-ons are located as sometimes they are not part of a circuit but a circuit of their own.

In this topic one needs to know that most cabling jobs requiring replacing the whole cable run and not just part of it which can result in more time investment.

All in all, a home restoration project can take from two months to longer times depending on all the factors that are implied in the job like cabling, painting, various installations and so on and so forth so be always sure to have a professional on hand that can help you determine that so you can move ahead.

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