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Home Restoration: Know how to choose the right paint for the right job

To talk about home restoration is talking about a process that will turn an ugly house into a masterpiece. And knowing how to choose the right elements to do it, is a very delicate matter. Today we talk about selecting the right paint for the right job.

First remember that colors have effects on the human mind, so think about how you want people to feel when they enter a certain area of the house, for example, architects say that colors like yellow and its variants give a room a cozy effect, while colors like gray or blue give it a cold and more serious feeling.

Also keep in mind that colors can (believe it or not) reduce or enlarge the size of a room in terms of how people feel on it. For example, colors like blue or green can give a sense of enlargement to any room you apply them to, while colors like gray or even black can give a sense of lesser space. One idea is to mix colors between the furniture you plan to setup and the paint colors you plan to use.

Another good idea is to mix colors, use some in one set of walls and another in the opposite set so you can give different effects to each area of the house. Architects recommend to get paint samples and apply them on the desired walls to start getting an idea of how they will look and help you make a better decision.

Remember, this is better than buying a lot of paint to later realize the color is not going to fit with the furniture or other decorative elements that you plan to use.

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