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Home Restoration: Installing a water heater

There is no doubt that home restoration involves a lot of processes and one of them is the installation of certain equipment in your home, one of them being the water heater. And that is our topic today.

First let’s be clear on the wide variety of water heaters available on the market today, there are those that work with gas and serve the whole house, there are electrical ones, and there are those who are installed on the shower itself. Whatever type you choose, the installation needs to be carefully planned and executed.

In the scenario where the water heater is gas based you need to be very very careful on the connection to the main gas installation, and make sure that there are no leaks prior to igniting it, also, make sure that all the pipe installations that go to each connection (bathrooms, kitchen, etc.) are well set and that there are no leaks present, a leak, no matter how small, will represent a dangerous factor.

In the case of electricity based heaters you need to make sure that you have the correct installation already set (its own independent flip-on, direct cabling of the right caliber and so on and so forth) this is very important because heaters normally use 240 volts and need their own proprietary installation.

We strongly recommend you use a volt meter to check the voltage on the cables before connecting the heater, and not because you can damage the heater but because you can damage and/or trigger the flip-on of the circuit if it is not the correct one.

Finally if you are installing and simple heater to a shower the most critical part you need to make sure you don’t forget, is to connect the ground cable to the ground install on the house, this s very important because it will save you or whomever uses it from electric shock. Also make sure all cables are well isolated.

And don’t forget our constant advice when it comes to home restoration: always keep a professional at hand for questions and help.

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