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Home Restoration: The impoprtance of taking good care of your tools

When you do home restoration projects you will always find yourself working on a variety of surfaces that will, one way of the other, wear down your tools which means you need to make sure they are taken care of.

One of the first things you need to do is clean your tools after each use, especially if they have been subjected to dust and/or extreme humidity which are two elements that can damage tools, especially tools like pliers and tools with mechanisms.

This kind of tools  need special care when they get dirty as dust and other particles can damage the mechanisms and make your tools unusable very quickly. The recommendation is to clean them thoroughly with pressurized air and apply oil on the mechanical parts to keep  them in mint condition.

What you should never do is to leave your tools wet, even if they are water resistant, why? Because over time they can get rusty and recovering them is a very complicated and hard procedure that could be avoided by simply using a dry cloth to remove the water and other materials that might be on them.

Also it is important to keep your tools in a protective box that will not just help you keep them organized but also keep them free from dust and other damaging elements. If you’re a home restoration expert like us you will also need a tool box installed in your car so you can transport your tools in a protected environment and make sure they are not loose because tools can and will get damaged if they collide with each other during the movement of the car.

Remember, either if you work at home or do home contracting, your tools are your life, keep them well and they will be there for you for many years.

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