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Home Restoration: Fire and Smoke Stain Removal

There is no doubt that sometimes home restoration also means removing stains that, through time, become a real problem, and none more so than those caused by smoke and fire, and not only in fireplaces but in the surrounding areas.

Let´s start with the stains on the furniture near the fireplace, because believe it or not, no matter how good your chimney is, there always will be smoke coming in, so, the first step is to use a damp cloth and apply the stain remover of your choice, press the cloth firmly against the stain and repeat the process until the stain disappears.

If the problem is with a carpet, use the procedure with a little variation, apply the stain remover, press a damp cloth and repeat until the stain is removed. Remember, most fire and smoke stains should be easy to remove with any standard stain removers.

Now when it comes to clean stains in walls, you need to be a little more careful, first of all, setup a fan in the room where you are going to work and open all available windows. This is a very critical step as the cleanser we are going to use is very delicate, we are talking about ammonia, the household type, but nonetheless, dangerous if misused.

Once you have your ventilator running and all windows open, proceed to fill a spray bottle with the ammonia and begin from the bottom of the wall, apply some at the stain and leave it for about 12 seconds or until you see the stain start to come off. Also have plenty of rags or clothes ready as you will need to be using them as the ammonia does its work. Once you clean the bottom start moving up until you finish the whole wall.

We also advise to call professionals when stains become too much for normal household work as professionals will have more experience, equipment and even special formulas to remove stains as well as experienced crews in home restoration so your furniture, walls, floors, etc. will be well taken care of.

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