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Home Restoration: Door locks, replace or fix?

This is a very interesting question that comes along when you get into home restoration, door locks, do you change them or do you fix them? Well, there are certain things you might want to know that might help you answer that question.

Now, how to determine if a lock is faulty? Well, the first sign is that the key does not go in easily. This might signal that there is something within causing the key to have trouble moving, so the first recommendation is to use compressed air to see if you can get something out. If so, then the lock will be fixed. If not then it means that the lock is damaged and you probably need to replace it.

Also if you are sure that there are no materials inside the lock you can oil it using the cans that have a straw so you can apply it deep. Normally this can help a lock rejuvenate and work better.

If you have the know how you can unmount the lock from the door and try to clean it and then place it back again.

Make sure that the keys are in good shape too. A key that has lost part of the form might not get in the lock as it should and cause you trouble. One of our recommendations is for you to try another key and make sure the lock is the actual problem.

If you decide to replace the lock make sure the new one fits the mounting hole of the previous one, a good advise is to dismount the old lock and bring it along to your hardware store so they can help you make sure you get a lock the right size.

And as we usually say, keep a professional at hand to help you in all and any home restoration projects you undertake.


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